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Our Team

A unique blend of technical skills, broad experience and young talents built into One Team led by excellence and entrepreneurship at the service of its clients. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians bring projects together through agile engineering, intimate working relationships and seamless technical integration.


Olivier Auclair


Olivier joined Spark in 2022. Engineer by background he also studied in Arizona (USA) At Spark Olivier focuses on Electrical challenges for both Racing activities and LMX Bikes being himself a passionate motorbike rider!


Thomas Espagnet


Thomas joined Spark right after graduating as a mechanical Engineer from ESTACA. Thomas focuses on electrical systems and applications. He also attends all Formula E races to provide technical assistance on batteries.


Jérémy Boudot


Jérémy joined Spark right after graduating as a mechanical Engineer. Jérémy designs CAD models as well as cooling simulations. Jérémy is a fast Kart driver who competed in his early age against today's reputated F1 drivers...


Vivien Canthelou


Viven joined Spark right after graduating as a mechanical Engineer from ESTACA. Vivien focuses on electrical systems and applications. He also attends all Formula E races to provide technical assistance on batteries.


Xavier Bourdaa


Xavier is a trustworthy long-serving Spark mechanics with all-rounded skills and experience.


Antoine David


Antoine joined Spark right after graduating as a mechanical Engineer from University Compiègne. Antoine first started on LMX Bikes Batteries development and now focuses on electrical systems and applications at Spark. He also attends all Formula E races to provide technical assistance on batteries.


Vincent Bourgin


Vincent joined Spark right after graduating as an engineer specialised into logistics. Vincent primarily works with PAM on sales, logistics and on the management of the stock of spare parts. Vincent started at Spark as intern and was determined to contribute to electric mobility and car racing activities.


Grégoire Verdes


Grégoire joined Spark in 2022 a little time after graduating from a prestigeous Engineering school. He focuses on Electrical and Softwre challenges.


Cyprien Bizet

Supply Chain Engineer

After graduating as engineer from Les Arts et Métiers, Cyprien immediately dove into Spark's complex Supply Chain department. Now a key member he particularly focuses on Formula E and keeps an eye on the other projects.


Thomas Puybaret

Supply Chain Engineer

Thomas first started as a trainee for Spark before he graduated as Engineer from Les Arts et Metiers. He then flew to Georgia Tech to complete his degree and then returned to Spark. First in the design office and now as a key member of the Supply Chain Team.


Jules Voisin


Engineer by background, Jules strenghthened Spark's Electrical Engineering in 2021. He brings a wide array of competences and experiences at OEMs and in Racing. Formula E is his primary focus...for a start! His personal objectives are fully aligned with Spark's strategic roadmap.


Pierre Prunin

Head of Motorsports Operations

After working with ART Grand Prix and Lotus, Pierre joined Spark at the very beginning of the journey. He was an early believer of the future success of Formula E. Pierre is an all-rounded engineer with focus on mechanics but not only. His thorough experience and passion for sports car makes Pierre a cornerstone of Spark’s team as its head of Motorsports Operations.


Romain Peretmere


Romain has been working with Spark Racing Technology for several years and has worked on Formula E Gen1 and Gen2. He is Spark’s CFD aerodynamic engineer. His second “hobby” is computer IT and he therefore helps Spark in hardware and software decisions and implementation.


Timothée Perrin

Business Developer

Timothée joined Spark in early 2020. Engineer by background, Timothée has worked in various Sales and Engineering roles before joining Spark. Timothée is in charge of broadening Spark's scope of Engineering fields. Based on dedicated customers' projects in some instances and the detachment of our engineers at customers' premises in some other cases, Spark offers a wide spectrum of Engineering solutions which Timothée strives to develop.


Emmanuel Yvon


Emmanuel joined Spark in 2021 after more than 10 years in various Motorsports positions (notably LMP but not only). He focuses on the completion of the Formula Gen 3 design.


Arnaud Savignon

In charge of Mechanics

Arnaud is in charge of the hard work at the workshop both at Spark’s HQ and also at all our remote operations both for Racing purposes as well as prototypes development. Discreet and hardworking, Arnaud is instrumental to raising Spark’s reputation of a trusted engineering partner turning ideas into reality.


Maxime Sciara


Engineer by background, Maxime joined Spark in 2018. His job is to evaluate and approve via computer simulations the strength of mechanical parts down to real testing including crash tests.


David Peltier


David joined Spark in 2022. Engineer by background he has previsouly gathered a double experience in both Motorsports and high end bicycles...both being very useful to Spark's future projects!


Marion Skalski


Marion joined Spark in 2019 to fulfill all accounting, HR and administration tasks. She brought years of experience in both industrial companies and accounting firms. Thanks to Marion's precision and dedication, Spark has gained full control of its overall value chain from ordering to invoicing, hence being able to further improve the quality and integrity of it's signature.


Sophie Tran

Accountant Assistant

Sophie mainly focuses on LMX accounting and supports Marion for other Administration purposes.


Nancy Rakotondratsima

Supply and Logistics Engineer

Nancy joined in 2021 to strenghten the logistics and custom practices. In the meantime Nancy has developped into a polyvalent supply chain engineer.