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Our Activities

Spark is headquartered in southern Paris (France) Its Design office, Engineering workforce and Manufacturing capabilities lie under one roof. At short distances Spark can shakedown and test prototypes on all types of terrains allowing speed of action, quality control and optimized carbon footprint.

Design office

The engineering driving force behind Spark Racing Technology. Every engineer has his own set of competences, experience and skills…but we all share the same team spirit and technical vision! We turn ideas into reality, we foster innovation, we go beyond agreed boundaries, we think and act out of the (battery) box! And we do it all together with Spark’s workshop colleagues.


Where theory becomes reality. After being built by our trusted suppliers and technical partners, all the parts are sent to our facility where Spark mechanics assemble them all. There are always great challenges to be faced when you have to transform drawings into 3D highly reliable race cars. This is the magic of the Workshop which is located next door to the Engineering office hence allowing rounds of iterations between the teams. The workshop also plays the role of storing spare parts for our customers.