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Know How

The same mindset applies to all Spark’s fields of competences. We manage projects from concept to road and operations.
We support our clients from the birth of their project to the end of its life cycle.

& Software

Since its foundation in 2012, Sparks work was always focused on electric mobility. We tirelessly pushed the limits to develop the ultimate electric mobility including the specification for powertrain, battery, the design of electrical harnesses, the choice of sensors and the software that control the entire vehicle.


From custom design to the choice of components that meet our needs and their integration, we take care of everything but the manufacturing of the parts. However, we lead and keep control over every technical project.


Aerodynamics is one of the utmost challenges of cars racing since its early inception. Spark fully embraced this field since its foundation. Starting from a blank sheet of paper for the first season of Formula E was the steepest hill to climb. It required thousands of simulations, calculations, measurements and wind tunnel tests. Since then Spark has developed a unique expertise at the service of complex engineering projects. It stretches and motivates our team of highly skilled and experienced employees on a daily basis.