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Ultimate Electric Mobility

Forward Thinking

Spark, the FIA and Formula E invented together what is now obvious for everyone : ultimate electric racing! Spark is born with these genes meaning we look far ahead, we anticipate and we think out of the box. Spark hence plays its role in bridging the gap between today and tomorrow.

Agile Engineering

One could also say « Small is beautiful » ! But small is not good enough. Spark’s mindset is to think and act swiftly by bringing its resources and people together in order to develop 360° engineering solutions for its clients. Integration in unison is our motto.

Sports Vehicles

Emotions are core to Motorsports. And it is therefore at the heart of Spark’s team. The ultimate thrill for automotive professionals lies into Racing and Sports vehicles. We started with Racing, we will stay true to Racing, and we will further expand into more Sports Vehicles activities… follow us!

Know How

At the cutting edge of new technology, Spark has developed a unique flair in bringing together and harmonizing the latest of mechanics, electronics / software and aerodynamics. All-in-one in unison is Sparks unique competitive expertise. We make true the myth of transferring know-how from Racing to Applied Technology for many specific Engineering projects in e-mobility.

Our Activities

Spark in headquartered in southern Paris (France) Its Design office, Engineering workforce and Manufacturing capabilities lie under one roof. At short distances Spark can shakedown and test prototypes on all types of terrains allowing speed of action, quality control and optimized carbon footprint.

Our Story

Frédéric Vasseur, Alejandro Agag and Jean Todt first gave birth to the idea of the Formula E championship. From there on, every partner has taken its fair share of the development of the new Racing Championship. Spark was at the very start of the engineering and development of the all-new racing single-seaters that took part in Season 1 of Formula E in 2014 and there on.

Our Projects

Once upon a time, there was…Formula E ! Spark is born with the foundation of this pioneering racing Championship and its founders and promoters. From there on, Spark has grown up into other categories like concept cars for car manufacturers and Extreme E to name only a few. But Formula E has given Spark its essence and its unique competitive edge in a very challenging racing industry. And Formula E stays Sparks mission number 1 to stay true to its roots and to its partners.