Spark Racing Technology


Founded in october 2012 by renowned engineer Frédéric Vasseur, Spark Racing Technology specialises in the design and build of hybrid and fully electric systems. A motorsport veteran of 20 years, Vasseur created the company to coincide with the arrival of the Fia Formula E Championship, a revolutionary and entirely electric series that begins in september. In late-2015, Spark will relocate to a new 1,500-square-metre headquarters, where it will have access to ultra-modern engine dynamometers and battery test beds.


In november 2012 Formula E Holdings CEO Alejandro Agag appointed SRT to produce 40 electric single-seaters, ensuring the promoters a proficient and reliable partner. It would prove key to showing investors, the media and general public that the project was in safe hands. On 28 June 2013, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (Fia) officially appointed Spark Racing Technology as car supplier for the Championship.


Spark Racing Technology was fully entrusted with designing and manufacturing the first fully electric single-seater, the Spark-Renault SRT_01E. The French company will supply all cars for Formula E’s much-anticipated maiden season. With no base to work from, Vasseur and his team started from scratch as they sought to define the new machine’s technical specifications.

Despite the difficulty of the task, Spark rose to the challenge. A vital aspect in any motorsport undertaking, the SRT_0E’s aerodynamics were developed and supervised by technical director Théophile Gouzin. SRT carefully studied these - alongside suspension and brakes - to create the perfect balance between performance and reliability. Spark Racing Technology acted as project managers throughout, supervising the entire process while building around 90% of the SRT_0E’s components. Every car will be assembled at Spark’s factory before being sent to every Formula E team before the 15 July 2014 deadline. When necessary SRT utilised the Fia’s guidance, which was also breaking ground in drafting new sporting and technical regulations for the innovative championship. The partnership proved fruitful, especially when it came to establishing unprecedented safety rules regarding fully electric cars.

Beside their Burgundy facility, SRT will base a workshop alongside the new FEH headquarters at Donington Park. Each team will have a european base and enjoy full training - including safety and electricity briefings - from Spark. The French company will also assign a 40-strong technical team to follow Formula E across the globe. It is crucial for Spark Racing Technology to be ready for every eventuality ahead of the season-opener. Nevertheless SRT remain extremely confident, sharing the burning desire to succeed with each and every one of their partners.


Mindful of motorsport’s relentless development curve, Gouzin’s team is already working on upgrades to the SRT_01E. The Fia Formula E Championship is an open series, encouraging additional manufacturers to develop similar powertrain technologies. It gives constructors an opportunity to showcase their electrical energy advancements in a comparatively affordable environment, allowing them to subsequently utilise that same technology in their road cars. Spark provides manufacturers with the perfect framework on which to display their technical expertise in motor-generators, gearboxes and battery technology. It has certainly taken a great deal of hard work and creativity to design a single-seater in which the powertrain is so easily interchangeable.